terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2014

Part II - The morning after

I felt a presence and opened my eyes.
Tried to place myself to what happened, remembering the night before.
She was still here. That thought put a smile on my face.

Turning my body towards her, i faced the gorgeous woman laying on my side with eyes wide open.
Good morning - she whispered while stretching. - I want a big breakfast.

I answered with a smile and got up to the toilette.
through the open door, i saw her get out of bed and dress the shirt that i used last night.

- Did you had a good night sleep? I asked.

Feeling no shame she entered the bathroom, watching me urinate.
- Wonderful.
I finished and opened the shower water. She came next to me and closed it.
- It's my turn to use the bathroom. Please leave and close the door. You can take the shower afterwards. Oh... and...
- Yes?
- Go fry me some eggs.I obeyed.

Went to the kitchen and started making breakfast. For the menu: Toast, scrambled eggs and orange juice.

She just sat at the table watching me cook.

- What?
- Nothing.
- You are staring.
- No, what i am is starving. EHEH
- Five more minutes and it is ready. Go to that door on the left and bring some dishes and glasses, please.
- OK.

A few moments later we were eating.
- I had a great time last night. Thank you.
I looked at her. She was beautiful i thought, replying - me to.

She came close to me, with her fork, grabbed a bit of egg and fed it to me.
- Eat. You need to recover your strength.
We both giggled and ate the rest.

I was left alone with the dishes, while she went to bed.
I washed them, and joined her. I laid, hugging her from behind.
She cuddled up on me, saying - Hummm. This feels good.

We both closed our eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up. Started to kiss her ear, moved my right hand to her breasts, while  my left arm started moving down to her vulva.
She pressed her body towards me, and opening her legs, invited me.
I accepted the invitation, starting to massage her clitoris, above the panties, with one hand and her breasts, over the shirt, with the other.
she throwed her arms at me. Grabbed my head, my ass, always pulling me to her. Forcing her butt at me, feeling me hard against her.

I pulled her panties down and resumed the massage, i felt her wet for me.
While i was rubbing her clitoris, she moved her hand to my waste and under my boxers, pulling my penis out.
I removed her hand from my member and placed it on my buttock, resuming the rubbing.
She started to rub her ass against my dick, making me harder and harder i rubbed her ass with my dick.

After a while the pleasure took over us leaving all the common sense we had. She opened her buttocks, wanting to feel me near, harder, closer to her butt.
I did not think anymore just played along. My hand left her pussy and aimed my cock to her back entrance, placing myself on the right spot.
Gentle, patiently, i resumed the rubbing. Softly, both of us pressed our bodies against each other.
Kissing her neck, i started whispering - Relax. She grabbed my arms, embracing me.

The soft love making was wonderful, all the pressing, rubbing and holding was making her puffy, increasing the sound of her breath.
Realizing her pleasure increased my own.

I started to rub her clitoris faster and her breasts harder, forcing myself inside her.
She released my arms, grabbed my penis with one hand and used the other hand to open all of herself to me.

She was wide open, positioning herself to receive me.
Tight and relaxed at the same time.
With a bit of pressure, on a few moments of pain, i managed to go inside her.
It was so tight. So good.
As i entered her butt, she moaned away the last piece of pain, taking my hands off from her body and started masturbating herself.

Having my hands free for a short time, i grabbed her waist. moving inside her very slowly.
I heard her moan something that i didn't understand.
She dug her nails on my buttock, forcing me inside her.
She moaned again: Harder. Do it harder.
That made me crazy and i lost it.

Left behind all the love making, all the fear to hurt this woman and grabbed her to use this woman to my own pleasure.
I was inside her ass, possessed by the hard on, violently grabbing and fucking this woman.

She started screaming, instead of moaning. - Harder... Harder...
She changed her position a bit, leaning more to feel every inch of me in her, moving her head away from mine.
I took the opportunity to grab her hair.

One hand on the waist, the other grabbing her hair and i could see my cock disappearing inside her ass. This woman was mine. Our two bodies tuned in lust, dancing, with no rules, to a rhythm of plain sex.

I felt like a machine, brutally thrusting her body while she screamed for more in a mix of pleasure and pain.

- Harder... Do it... Faster... AAAaaAA.. DON'T STOP NOW... Pleaseee

Sweating bodies, the hype was to much for me and i felt myself coming.
All of me sex. All of her body was sex. All of us was lust.
With a last scream leaving her longs, she also reached the climax.

We both lied in bed breathing heavy.

All i could think was "uau".

This woman was amazing.

Finally, she got up and, throwing me a kiss, said with a big smile:
- Now you can take your shower.